Your Quick Guide To Toxic Metals – Part 3

This ChecKin Health Blog Series is about Toxic Metals, the least known of the toxins affecting our lives. Part III

Picking up where we left off – which are the metals we want to remove or at least reduce? I am covering the dreaded Mercury today. Almost everyone one around my age seems to have these dark silvery dental fillings in their mouth, and for most of us they are detrimental to our health. Do not be fooled by the word silver, the fillings usually contain mercury, nickel, aluminium, and sometimes lead or titanium.

Mercury – commonly known as quicksilver

At ChecKin Health we see a lot of clients with mercury toxicity. Mercury is one of the most toxic metals in the environment. It displaces important zinc resources in our bodies – which is needed for the integrity of our cells, and to help the immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses.
During pregnancy, infancy, and childhood, the body needs zinc to grow and develop accordingly. Zinc also helps wound healing and is important for proper senses of taste and smell. Zinc is needed for about two hundred ‘jobs’ in our bodies and it is crucial for our overall well-being. One of its most important functions, it activates our digestive enzymes to break down our food, so when zinc is being blocked, our digestion and absorption will most likely be compromised. Zinc helps to fight infections, aids the liver in detoxing, and is important for DNA formation, cell growth and the breakdown of carbohydrates, to name but a few. Another role for zinc is to enable the male body to produce testosterone, therefore zinc levels can affect erectile function. Do I have your attention now?

Knowing all this, so now enter the dreaded mercury into our systems. Our exposure to mercury can be due to contaminated fish and seafood, vaccinations, occupational exposure, and – what we see most in our clinics – dental amalgam installation and incorrect removal. Old amalgam fillings last exceptionally long, many years longer than the white porcelain or compound fillings. That may have been one of the reasons why they were put in to begin with. But eventually they start ‘leaking’ and therefore releasing tiny amounts of mercury into every cell of our body.

Mercury as a chemical element sits in the same column as zinc in the periodic table, hence acting and moving similar in our bodies. Only that zinc is an essential mineral much needed for growth and life, and mercury even in smallest amounts is toxic to every fibre of our cells. Imagine – instead of the vital zinc – the toxic mercury hooking on to cells and nerve receptors, ultimately displacing the much needed zinc and stopping it from carrying out its functions.
(Check out the purple column below in periodic table, group 12 includes both zinc and mercury)

Amalgams in the mouth with other dental metals react and cause up to ten times more mercury to be released. An alloy on top of an amalgam drives the mercury through the nerves of teeth. The vapour emitted during the life of the amalgam goes into the lungs and deposits in the brain and vital organs like kidneys and liver.

If you for all various reasons cannot get your dental fillings replaced, please do look at one of the binding nutrients in my Blog Series Part 1 and support your body in detoxing from the metal. If you have the choice to get tested by a trusted Bio Kinesiologist, we will find the exact chelator and dosage your body needs.

Mercury also accumulates in the fatty tissue of fish, particularly large fish like tuna.

If you have mercury fillings you might have a problem with fish oil supplements too. There is you thinking you do the right thing with taking the odd fish oil, but you may contribute even more to an existing metal toxicity. If you are looking for the required fatty acids, but have amalgam fillings in your mouth, consider plant-based Omega supplements with a balanced 3-6-9 ratio. Your local health food shop will have all the ranges and be able to advise you accordingly.

Inoculations and vaccines also contain mercury as an immune system trigger. All this means is that the metal wakes up the immune system, so it can get ready to produce antibodies for the incoming viral component of the vaccine. It is advised to chelate the metal after immunisations also, that way the body only needs to deal with the actual disease (mostly viral, some bacterial) part of the vaccine at the time.

Mercury is also found in high-fructose corn syrup, dental floss, paints, batteries, and fluorescent lamps. It is in conventional sanitary towels – switch to organic and non-bleached if possible.

If you are taking laxatives, fungicides or haemorrhoid suppositories be aware that they contain mercury also.
Mercury plays a part in cosmetics, hair dyes and tattoo inks too. Switch brands to more organic and toxin free and do chelate toxins after getting a tattoo. Also, if you are having trouble conceiving and cannot figure out why, the removing of the relevant toxin which interferes with your hormones will go a long way towards making a baby. Together with a diet that contains the right amounts of protein and fats, but this is another ChecKin Health blog post coming soon.

Be aware of chlorine bleaches and fabric softeners (use a cap full of white vinegar instead and your favourite essential oil, you will never look back from there), polishes, and wood preservers.

Mercury reduces intelligence, learning ability and there is a risk of hyperactivity in children exposed during pregnancy. It causes digestive problems and thyroid problems. High levels of mercury are found in brains of Alzheimer’s patients. The accumulation of mercury can lead to psychosis, anxiety and depression. Other symptoms are memory loss, decreased self-confidence, sleep disturbances, eye problems and tremors, also hair loss, kidney damage and coordination problems.

One more fact about mercury, not because we love it so much, but because the effect it has on our bodies is so vast. And knowledge is power. Once you realise that your digestive issues may well come from the amalgam fillings in your teeth, it is the first step to do something about it and reclaim your health.


“All Disease Begins in The Gut.” – Hippocrates. … (And that was 461 BC.)


Mercury and the gut: Mercury lodges in the gut and alters gut bacteria because it is so toxic only certain bacteria can survive. Therefore, it leads to growth of unwanted organisms causing inflammation and leaky gut. Food leaks out and reacts with the immune system causing multiple allergies. This increases body acidity and inflammation which reduces the resistance to mercury overall.

Often fungal overgrowth (like candida) goes hand in hand with metal toxicity. If you cannot shift thrush, recurrent sinus infections or athlete’s foot, think potential metal toxicity.

Mercury causes the bacteria in the gut to become antibiotic resistant. These pass on the resistance not only to their offspring but to other species of bacteria. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are an ever increasing problem, and there begins the cycle to leaky gut and malabsorption.


Are you suffering from digestive issues, IBS like symptoms, colitis, constipation, bloating, flatulence or heartburn despite eating well most of the time, or fungal infections? Do consider metal toxicity as one of the possible root causes too.

Also watch out for the final part of the blog series over the following weeks, where I will go into more details on titanium and lead.

If you are interested in testing for your own toxic load, digestive and liver function, book a free call here to see how Bio Kinesiology can help your unique symptoms.

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