12 weeks to a healthier gut and an energetic You!

The Complete Gut Rescue Programme

Did you know that your gut is directly linked to how we feel emotionally and physically? It is time to look at gut health and fix that microbiome of yours. In 4 sessions we are looking at correcting your digestion, your hormonal pathways, improve your liver function, thyroid and energy production. 

  • You eat well but cannot seem to get all the goodness from your food.
  • You are tired most days or suffer from the 2pm slump despite going to bed early and getting enough sleep most nights.
  • Your hormones are ‘all over the place’ or you suddenly cannot shift that extra weight.
  • Your skin not as clear as you’d like it to be, or you are not happy with the health of your hair and scalp.
  • Or you feel anxious and cannot switch off your worries, so your sleep and quality of life is suffering.

We investigate inherited deficiencies, methylation, strengthening your immune system and injury recall. 

We will work at clearing emotional blockages or trauma which contribute to your physical ill-health. The Gut Rescue Programme can be complemented with Reiki treatment to promote healing on an energetically deeper level.

The programme includes your individual complementary Bach Flower Remedy mix for emotional strength and energetic well-being.


1) Individualised tracker sheets to monitor nutritional intake and lifestyle choices worth €19

2) Individual protein sheets based on dietary requirements worth €19

3) Individual complementary Bach Flower Remedy mix on each visit worth €60

4) Full online support between treatments should any questions arise for you worth €19

5) VIP call a month after completing the Full Gut Rescue Programme, to answer all additional questions about lifestyle, nutrition and maintaining a healthy gut long-term worth €69

What gets treated during this programme?
  • complete assessment and correction of sluggish digestion and absorption
  • removal and drawing out of individual toxins
  • repair of cell damage in intestinal lining
  • re-populating both intestines with required bacteria and probiotics
  • complete food sensitivity testing
  • treatment of liver detoxification function
  • correction of hormonal pathways
  • treatment of exhausted adrenals
  • treatment of sluggish thyroid and energy levels
  • testing for inherited deficiencies
  • lifestyle and dietary advice
  • addressing emotional issues and trapped emotions
  • complimentary individual Bach Flower Remedy mix for emotional and energetic well-being

4 sessions over the course of 12 weeks – complete programme

Complete programme worth €526

Pay In Full


Payment Plan

4 x €110

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