Reiki Leitrim Treatment

full hour treatment

Reiki means universal life energy. This energy can be used to heal and balance body and mind. It is a tremendously powerful healing system that can address problems in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental realm.

Reiki releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Reiki healing can be used to keep the human system in healthy balance, and it can assist in treating sickness, poor health or disease. Many physical problems are manifestations of emotional problems and Reiki can work on these issues to assist in emotional release. It is ideal for treating stress.

A Reiki treatment is deeply relaxing and non-invasive. You will lie fully clothed on a comfortable Reiki bench. During the session I will put my hands on or over different areas of your body. Generally, you will feel a slight pleasant tingling sensation in the area being treated. There may be a feeling of warmth or heat (or sometimes cold) within that part of the body. Some people don’t feel this sensation, however, Reiki energy is being channelled and flowing. You can expect to feel deeply relaxed.

Clients with chronic conditions are advised to have 4 treatments to allow the energy to build up in the system.

Some of the benefits of Reiki:
  • helps boost the immune system
  • reduces stress
  • helps in the grieving process
  • compliments conventional therapies
  • accelerates the body’s self healing abilities
  • aids better sleep
  • helps relieve pain
  • removes energetic blockages and increases energy levels
  • helps overcome fears
  • aids in overcoming mental and emotional obstacles
  • promotes deep relaxation

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