Your Quick Guide To Toxic Metals – Part 1

The bad news is we are surrounded by toxins. This century more than ever before, since chemistry became part of food preserving, presentation and even the actual making of the food. Toxins can be found in fertilisers, medication, even in washing powders and personal hygiene products and unfortunately in make up and deodorants also. It is worth checking the small print of your go-to-products and possibly change brands, and also cook meals from scratch despite our very busy lives.

Most of us have a fair idea about chemicals as toxins, as in  cleaning products or paints. What is not as widely known is that we are surrounded by toxic metals, some classified as known carcinogens. There is good reason and also ways to reduce and ultimately remove them from the cells of our bodies. 

Toxins interfere with our hormones and therefore with our metabolism and weight, with our ability to cope with stress, with our sleep, digestion and energy levels. Secondary systems of elimination like sinuses, mucus and skin membranes will be affected also when primary organs like liver, kidney or lungs are overloaded and have a problem eliminating toxins in the first place. We see this in clients with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, as most skin problems are toxin excretion problems. Unfortunately toxins can cross the placenta and have a profound effect on people and also on our children. Toxins in the wider picture include the metabolic results from fungus, virus, bacteria and parasites, and also chemicals and pesticides, radiation and toxic metals.

how toxic metals affect your health
how toxic metals affect your health


This ChecKin Health Blog Series is about Toxic Metals, the least known of the toxins affecting our lives.

But first things first: If you think you have a toxin problem – deal with constipation first. Fibre is needed to bind to toxins and remove them from the system. Try psyllium husks, flax and sesame seeds, also prunes and more fluids, water or herbal teas to get that constipation out of the way. Otherwise you have all these toxins sitting there, being reabsorbed back into the body. Also important: Amino Acids, being the backbone of the body’s detoxification system. You have to have enough protein regularly included in your diet, and that protein needs to be digested properly. If you have a digestion problem to begin with, this needs to be addressed first. 

When you use chelation to remove toxic heavy metals, it is important to ensure that all your excretory pathways are open and not overburdened. This allows the toxic metals to flush out safely. Constipation, leaky gut, or kidney and liver diseases will prevent toxic metals from being chelated without harm.

We will look at the seven  most common Toxic Metals around us, as they pose a significant health threat and are being released into the environment in increasing amounts. Even with a small quantity of toxic metals in the body, the effects can be enormous. Heavy metals have been shown to bind to proteins and prevent their functioning and to disrupt our cell function by displacing necessary minerals like zinc and magnesium. In time they will overwhelm the body’s detoxification system. Also poor nutrition and stress reduce the effectiveness of the body to deal with toxins. They can cause fatigue, brain fog, behavioural problems and some forms of cancer. Biological processes such as our digestion decline gradually and without fully absorbing the food we eat our health diminishes.

Heavy metals like arsenic, mercury, cadmium or lead play no beneficial role in the body, and instead, interfere with normal body processes. Other metals (iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, chromium, manganese) are vitally important to health in small quantities, but become toxic in excess. 

The obvious choice is to remove the toxic metals from your daily lives as much as possible. By reducing the body’s burden of heavy metals we reduce or remove the source of exposure where possible. This may mean reducing consumption of high mercury seafood, testing and filtering drinking water or quitting smoking. Changing brands of your deodorant and cosmetics can be done in a second and for life. In other cases, removing the metal is not so easy. eg:  you have amalgam fillings in your teeth (a mix of mercury, nickel, lead and aluminium leaking into your body) In this situation, when removing the fillings is not an option, we look at chelating those metals. What this means is that we introduce a nutrient which binds to the toxic metal so it can be removed from your bloodstream via your excretory organs. The overall goal in chelating and detoxifying heavy metals is to bind them with a strong individual chelator and then excrete them safely out of the body without redistributing them to other organs. Aluminium and mercury in the brain have been linked to Alzheimer’s and symptoms of autism.  However,  there is also a list of ‘smaller’ symptoms for each metal underneath.

During a ChecKin Health treatment we test which of the nutrients below is relevant uniquely to the client to form a chelate in order to remove the toxins adequately. Also dosage plays a huge part in chelating toxic metals correctly, as does ensuring your liver’s daily detoxification function. Listed below is a selection of some nutrients that can be used in the chelation process.

Vitamin E, Vitamin C/ potassium ascorbate 

Zinc, Silica, Sulphur, Selenium

Parsley, Coriander, Turmeric, Curcumin 

Echinacea, Milk Thistle 

Yellow Dock, Yarrow 

Lemon balm, Spirulina, Chlorella, or Nettle 

toxic metal detox
toxic metal detox


These and many more nutrients play a role in binding the heavy metals where they are stored in the body, escort them into the bloodstream, and excrete them through the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin.

It is important to detoxify from heavy metals slowly to prevent redistribution through the body. Therefore it is recommended to temporarily discontinue or lower dosages of chelating compounds if symptoms worsen. This allows the body’s detoxification and excretory systems to “catch up”. Moreover, it is generally advised to work with a qualified practitioner during this time. Biokinesiologists will test and work with additional and stronger chelators, and we do not recommend their use without being tested and have assessed correct dosage for them.


Once you start chelating toxic metals from your body you may observe improvements in all or some of these areas:

  • Reduction of liver-produced cholesterol

  • Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics

  • Reduced high blood pressure

  • Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias

  • Relief from leg-muscle cramps

  • Reduction in allergic symptoms

  • Normalized weight

  • Improved psychological and emotional status

  • Enhanced sensory input: better sight, hearing and taste

  • Reversal of impotence

  • Cold extremities warmed – If you are suffering from cold hands and feet and keep saying it is all about a warm heart, we are with you on that one :), but do also consider that a metal overload may play a part in this. 


Watch out for the following parts of the blog over the next two weeks, where I will go into details on each toxic metal.


If you are interested in testing for your own toxic load, digestive and liver function, book a free call here to see how Biokinesiology can help your unique symptoms. 


Much love,


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