Bio Chemistry and Nutrition

At ChecKin Health Bio Kinesiology we focus on Bio Chemistry and Nutrition. We assess the chemical processes of the body and use adequate nutrition to enable the body to detox and heal itself.

Inflammation in your body is usually caused by a toxin or infection. We determine whether your problem is a toxicity, an underlying infection, or a combination of biochemical issues which will lead to hormonal and chemical imbalances. Bio Kinesiology works on the four-step principle; Remove Toxins, Replace with Nutrition, Repair Damage and Repopulate the gut with missing strains of needed bacteria.

Along with food sensitivity & toxicity testing (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, toxic metals, chemicals/pesticides, radiation) we also work to correct hormone pathways, ATP (energy) production, adrenal and thyroid imbalances, and the detoxification function of the liver. Once our bodies are nutritionally balanced and toxicity has been removed, we work on repairing cell damage within the digestive tract and healing all secondary systems of the body.

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Releasing Emotions and Trauma

ChecKin Health works to release emotions and trauma from the physical body and mind. This can be acute trauma like a recent bereavement or assault, as well as past and childhood trauma.

I wrote my thesis on the subject of sexual abuse and worked with affected individuals both in Germany and Ireland. ChecKin Health focuses on past trauma recall, releasing trapped emotions, stress release and goal balancing.

We recognise emotions and stress to play a significant role in healthcare. All imbalances found during treatment are corrected by using a range of techniques, and treatment is based on your unique needs as an individual.

We recommend and work with Dr Edward Bach Flower Essences and Australian Bush Flowers. Both work energetically and support the body emotionally. They can be used for anxiety and depression, sleep problems, anger issues, resentment, sadness, and during times of grief.
For children we offer to work with the Indigo Crystal Essence series.

Every treatment is complemented by energetically balancing and de-stressing techniques.

Energy and Balance

ChecKin Health works with the seven main energy centres of the body and the acupoint system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

 These energy centres – also called wheels – can be affected as a result of stress, leaving us tired and literally ‘without energy’. Injury, trauma, insufficient diet or lack of exercise can also contribute to an imbalanced energy flow within our meridian system.

ChecKin Health can clear these energy blocks through the meridian system and the MEI points of the body. Being energetically balanced will leave you more grounded and able for the daily stressors in life.

If you feel energetically out of balance and drained for a long period of time do consider Reiki as stand-alone and full treatment to rebuild your energy field.

Spine and Structure

ChecKin Health targets structural problems such as pelvic, spinal and jaw misalignment, and inhibitions of the shoulder girdle.

Incorrect posture can be corrected over time and clients suffering from scoliosis can benefit greatly from regular and tailored treatments.

We use gentle rebound corrections so the stress put on your body is being kept to a minimum.

Any anatomical imbalances and structural misalignments are being treated in order of priority for your spine to realign into its correct posture and natural strength.

This is a requirement for muscle and bone to move correctly and to function on a more pain free level.

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