Food sensitivity testing

Welcome to Food Sensitivity Testing Leitrim. ChecKin Health offers stand-alone food sensitivity testing if a client wishes to get tested for this separately. Some of our clients want to know which foods to avoid, without working on the actual root cause for the food sensitivity. We test with a range of test vials and the tool of muscle monitoring. Please note that we do not test for or diagnose allergies.

Ultimately and for long-term health improvements we suggest a couple of full consultations or The Complete Gut Rescue Programme. This is where we also look at food intolerances but work out why that intolerance exists. We aim to restore gut health and fix the underlying problem causing the current food intolerance, so that in time most foods can be reintroduced into your diet. This way only food that is absolutely necessary is being removed from the diet.

Testing of all food groups
  • grains and gluten
  • milk and dairy products
  • nuts and seeds
  • fruit
  • vegetables
  • meats
  • fish
  • coffee and tea
  • wine (sulphites)
  • & more

Complete 30 mins testing €40

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