What happens at my first treatment?

The first visit to ChecKin Health includes an initial consultation of about 5 – 10 minutes.

Generally, visits last for 60 minutes. However, sometimes we recommend 90 minute treatments, especially when gut health is compromised, or when working on emotional issues or towards a goal.

Most clients need to attend 3 – 4 sessions over a couple of months, but this will depend on the individual needs of each client. Nearly all our clients come to have a specific issue dealt with, and most like to attend once or twice a year additionally for a general check-up or a boost before the winter season.

We will discuss a proposed treatment plan at your first visit, but benefits and improvements can usually be felt from day one.

What about nutrition?

When we find toxins or bio chemical malfunctions we will suggest nutrients in supplement form and/ or small dietary changes.

It is important to understand that the cost of superior quality supplements is more about the nutritional content of the supplement as they are not bulked up with non-nutritional items such as fillers or binders.

We are not affiliated with any companies and providers of dietary supplements.

We prefer to work with supplements from Epigenetics, New Vistas, ViridianOptibacTerra NovaFloradixPharma NordNatures plus and A.Vogel.

All companies suggested by us provide products that:

• are hypo-allergenic
• do not contain hidden coatings, binders, fillers, shellacs, artificial colours or fragrance.
• are free of wheat, yeast, gluten, corn, sugar, starch, soy, preservatives & hydrogenated oils.
• are sourced only from trusted nutritional health industry leaders and
• contain only high-quality ingredients.

What questions will I be asked?

On your first visit, we will take a complete consultation which includes questions about:

• symptoms you have had or still have
• your digestion
• your daily diet
• your general medical history
• current medications or supplements you are taking
• your sleep patterns and energy levels throughout the day
• potential toxic load from tattoos, teeth fillings, chemicals
• your ability to manage stress in your life

What happens during the testing?

During the session you remain fully clothed and for the most part you will lie on a comfortable treatment bench, so your treatment is a non-intrusive experience.

We will place your arms, legs, or head in various positions to test if your muscles are working as they should. With a wide range of test vials, we test the various systems of the body, accessing the digestive system, hormonal pathways and different body processes on a cellular level.

Small dietary changes may be part of your overall care plan for the period of repairing your gut microbiome. You may also need to take certain foods or nutrition to boost the body systems that need support.

What can ChecKin Health do for my child?

ChecKin Health treats babies and children of all ages. We offer complimentary food sensitivity/ milk formula testing on your child’s first visit. You will stay with your baby or child at all times during the treatment.

Treatment of your child includes the following:

  • complete assessment and correction of gut microbiome and absorption
  • removal and drawing out of individual toxins
  • repair of cell damage in intestinal lining
  • re-populating both intestines with required bacteria and probiotics
  • complete food sensitivity testing
  • treatment of liver detoxification function
  • lifestyle and dietary advice
  • Treating emotional issues in follow up session and
  • complimentary individual Crystal Essence or Bach Flower Remedy mix

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